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Month: April, 2015

Dear (Privileged) Americans Who Cannot Shut Up About Looting, Some Questions

1. What are you afraid will be taken from you?

2. What are you afraid will be taken from you if we stop killing black children?

3. Did it finally get your attention?

4. Why does it matter to you that a man stole an armful of condoms?

5. Do you know this man?  Do you know who he might be passing them out to?

6. Do you care?

7. Do you know someone who has been in trouble because of drugs?

8. Should we just have the police kill her/him?

9. Should we then shrug and say, you know (s)he had a problem with drugs…?

10. Have you ever needed, as a child, to get creative about how you were going to help support your family?

11. Have you ever blurred the truth on tax returns or job reimbursement?

12. Who are we stealing from?

13. Why does protecting corporate America and its businesses make you feel safe?

14. Why do unaccountable police officers make you feel safe?

15. Why does justifying murder make you feel safe?

16. Do you realize when you keep repeating “this could happen anywhere” you are referring to police murder of black people?

17. How are you expressing your anger?

18. Why the fuck aren’t you angry?

Petty Post



1. of little importance; trivial.

2. of secondary or lesser importance, rank, or scale; minor.

Petty officer, petty cash, petty theft

.                                                                petticoat.

We rank

shrink sums of money

women’s peeking undergarments.

.                                                                        The same origins.

What does it mean to gender children’s food?


Working is for living. Living is not for working.

Yesterday I sat down at home and I felt guilty.  Or maybe it was shame.

It was the same feeling I get when I have called in sick to work, but need to run to the store for tissues or something to eat or drink.


Like I am not allowed.

Like someone will think me guilty, but give me no chance to explain.

Like I have no business resting.

Like I was born to work.


Like I cannot afford free time.

What does it mean to be happy?