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Month: December, 2014

I say: Dogs see in Black and White, My son asks: So Everything is Grey?


  1. We welcomed a beautiful brown and white dog into our home.
  2. His previous family was Black. Little Black kids cried because a white woman came and took away the dog they couldn’t afford to keep. [It is irrelevant in their growing that I cannot afford him either.]
  3. While I waited with their father-figure to be ready to offer the dog, the kids played. They hung, chin high, from a rope in the tree. I threw up in my mouth. He yelled at them to stop.
  4. The differences in the use of language that makes commands meaningless. Make understanding meaningless.
  5. When the dog and the kid met, they were afraid of each other. Lashing out in fear. The dog bit my son once and he cried, but tried to pretend he wasn’t hurt. He was supposed to be able to pet the dog, to trust the dog.
  6. Their timid relations going forward, even though there was only one bite.
  7. The perplexed look the dog gave us at times, which my 10 year-old read as: “Crazy fucking white people.”
  8. The snuggles that same night when he whispered as he drifted: “But I cannot help that I am white, right?”
  9. My son desperate to be close to the dog, to let the dog close to him, but afraid. Keeping his hands away. I am snapping photos as the dog comes close. In complete terror and uncertainty, my son throws his hands in the air. I fall to the ground. Hands up. Don’t bite. And this was safe fear. Privileged fear.
  10. My son creeps up to the kennel and whispers to the dog: I love you.  The dog wags his tail.

Feeling about Descartes

What if Descartes had never decided

to abandon everything he understood?


What if he had never separated

our minds                   from                our bodies?


In trying to abandon himself:


.                                           I think, therefore I am.

.                                           Because he couldn’t abandon himself,


he made his body subject.


Made all bodies subject.

Mind over matter.


Minds over matters–

Body matters.


Theory over feeling,

I have a theory:


I feel therefore I think therefore I feel again and I am

.                                                                                               whole.